Moghan vzw with her members and visitors wants to explore the Aryan / Iranian vision and in particular the teachings of Zoroaster, but interpreted freely, specifically and transparently by Moghan vzw. Mogh wants to learn and discover, use and spread ancient (Arian / Zoroastrian) knowledge, based on the connection between man and nature and the equality of everything and everyone in nature.


Hereby Mogh wants to use contemporary science that is based on all senses (not just knowledge) to realize three points:

  • Individual well-being: making use of truth and truthfulness, harmony and the balance between male and female energy.
  • Family well-being: based on the individual inner peace and peace of everyone and true balance between all members of the family.
  • Welfare of the community (city, country, world): based on the two previous principles. For this purpose Moghan vzw uses the term hamegan (hame: "all", gan: "gen")


Moghan vzw wants to explore and spread this basic principle through workshops and meetings, individually and in groups. In this way it wants to spread the idea of ​​a kalbod (kal: "rough, original, raw", bod: "protector). Kalbod is used in Persian for "body", but can also be seen as "temple", "safe shell" where raw matter, original ideas get concrete shape and destiny.


Moghan vzw wants to be a place of people, who make decisions based on knowledge of the heart and the mind (Emotions and Wisdom) and gradually acquire the knowledge of de Mogh in order to form the Rulers of the future and to commemorate and reform the concept of spirituality. This in regard to religious / spiritual well-being of "hamegan".